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Concrete Experts

Call us to discuss your concrete paving and repair needs. Our team of concrete experts will work with you to build new concrete features, or add or modify existing concrete elements.

Concrete Curbing
Concrete curbs may be cast-in-place or extruded, depending on your needs and budget. Extruded concrete curbs are created on top of the asphalt surface after our crew has completed the paving. The extruded curbs are not as durable as the cast-in-place option, but they’re cost-effective solution for adding curbs to an existing asphalt parking lot.

Concrete Sidewalks
Concrete is used for sidewalks because of its ability to keep a straight, square edge. They may be used installed on streets and may also function as cart paths on golf courses.  Concrete sidewalks are long lasting and provide safe pedestrian route beside streets and parking lots.

Concrete Dumpster Pads
Daily traffic of large trash trucks can exceed the loads a typical asphalt parking lot was engineered to endure and that can lead to a premature failure of the asphalt surface.  Concrete dumpster pads provide a long-lasting and cost effective solution to this problem.  The concrete surface of the dumpster pad evenly distributes the weight of the trash trucks across a wide area and reduces compaction of the asphalt base layers and soils beneath so that they can bear the truck’s weight without displacement.

Wheel Stops
Simple and effective at maintaining proper distances between the fronts and rears of cars, wheel stops help to reduce the number of minor accidents within your parking facility and help to ensure a more pleasant overall experience for patrons, employees, and visitors of your commercial establishment.

ADA Compliance
The American Disabilities Act ( ADA ) enables handicapped visitors to your establishment to make use of standardized accessibility features within and between the parking lots and your commercial facility.  These features include ramps, hand rails, tactile warning strips, specialized parking stalls, pavement markings, and signage.

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